Why Using a Pet Sitter Can Be Right For You and For Your Pet

by | Jan 5, 2023 | Cat sitting, Dog sitting, Pet care, Pet services, Pet sitting, Puppy sitting

If you’re looking for pet care while you’re away on holiday or home visits for your pet family while you’re at work, using a pet sitter could be the perfect fit for you and your pet.

Benefits for you

  • Flexibility – You can make an arrangement with your pet sitter that fits in with your specific needs. For instance, you might be away for frequent short periods for work and want ad hoc pet support, or for full pet care to cover a longer holiday break. Or you may want someone there for your pet during the day while you’re work, especially if your new puppy is still waiting on completing their first vaccinations to be able to venture out and still learning how to behave in the house on their own!
  • Updates while you’re away To put your mind at ease, your pet sitter can keep in regular communication with you while you’re away, sending you photos of your pet and updates about how they are.
  • Reassurance – You know that if there are any problems with your pet in your absence, your pet sitter is at hand to look after them and take them to the vets if needed.
  • Support with training This is especially helpful if you have a puppy but have to be out for work. An experienced pet sitter can do home visits during the day for you, looking after and playing with the puppy and helping build good behaviour foundations.
  • Costs You can use pet-sitting services for a little or as much as you need, and to fit your budget. If you have more than one pet, using a pet sitter can be more cost-effective than putting them all in kennels while you are away, plus you don’t have any transport worries about getting them there and back.

Benefits for your pet

  • Reduced stress Being apart from you is always going to be a little hard for your pet, and many dogs are known to feel separation anxiety. So letting them stay somewhere they feel at their most comfortable – their home – is always going to help keep their stress levels down. Having a pet sitter also means they can stay in their own routine, rather than having to fit in with the kennel’s routine, which all helps make them feel more settled.
  • More attention and affection – Your pet can benefit from having that one-on-one care and attention they can get from a pet sitter in your absence. The right pet sitter will have a lot of experience dealing with all kinds of dogs and cats and will able to give your pet the right kind of activity , care and attention.
  • Less chance of getting sick – If you choose to use a pet sitter rather than kennels, your pet has less exposure to other animals and so reduces their risk of picking up infections from them. And while many pets like the socialising with other pets they get at kennels, others can find it a source of stress – they like their own space and company best!

While being apart from your pets can be hard, choosing to use a pet sitter to look after them in your absence can provide you with flexibility and peace of mind and, most importantly for you as a pet parent, prove a positive choice for your pet.

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