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Experienced pet sitter and dog walker

Care and comfort for cats and dogs

Sophie’s Pet Care Services is owned and run by Sophie Hanson. I’m an experienced pet sitter and dog walker, who loves animals and has years of experience working with them.

Why work with animals?

As a genuine and passionate cat and dog lover (yes, it’s possible to love them both equally!), being around animals makes me happier. I know for myself, like my clients, that spending time with pets boosts your energy and creates positive emotions, as well as being such a support when you are having a difficult day.

I understand what people’s pets mean to them and with Sophie’s Pet Care Services I want to help bring owners peace of mind by providing services that focus on their beloved pet’s wellbeing and happiness while they are away.  

My promise to you

People work with me because I am trustworthy, reliable and never mess my clients about. You can count on me for a 100% commitment to your animals whilst they are in my care. I will watch over them as if they were my own.

My pet care journey

I embarked on my pet care journey back in 2015 when I lived in Southeast Asia and since then so many animals have touched my life. During my time in Asia I rescued and fostered several neglected cats and kittens, many of which were suffering from ill health, had special needs or troubled backgrounds. I ensured that they received the medication and professional care they required and applied a special blend of love, care and attention to nurse them back to optimal health so that they could go on to live happy lives with the loving families who adopted them.

On my return to the UK in 2017, I spent several months working as a foster carer for Cat’s Protection and soon after I began working as a house and pet sitter for homes and pets in the UK and abroad. Rescuing and fostering poorly and mistreated animals enabled me to truly appreciate how hard a life rescue animals experience. It also made me aware of how difficult it can be for some of them to adjust to a normal life when they get adopted, and the expert help they can need.

All my pets have brought me great joy, from my first kitten when I was 6 years old to my two Ragdoll cats now: a handsome male named Bellamy (Belli) and a beautiful female named Liliana (Lily). If you’re a pet parent like me, you understand how easy it is to form close bonds with our animal companions, and know the fantastic feeling of being greeted by a furry animal who is delighted to see you when you return home! This is why pet sitting and dog walking is such a gratifying and fun job for me.

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