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Going on holiday? Our pet sitting service can look after your pets in their own home with home visits while you are taking a well-earned break away.

Sophie’s Pet Care Services offers the following services: Pet sitting, House sitting, Dog walking, Puppy sitting, Travel to vets, Animal play, Pickup from breeders.

Please note: A £2 key collection fee applies, and mileage is charged at £0.75 per mile for added convenience.


Dog Walking

If you’ve recently had a change of job, work long hours or work shifts, you may find that  your dog is now alone in the house for longer than you would want. Or an operation, illness or injury may mean that you find yourself unable to provide the exercise you want for your dog.  Sophie’s Pet Care Services can provide flexible, fun and reliable dog-walking services for short-term support or long-term help as you and dog want.

Sophie will walk the dog(s) in a local location or park, communicating constantly with the dogs under her watch, and giving positive reinforcement – and treats as rewards for being well behaved!

Dog walking prices:

1 dog, 30 mins: £12
2 dogs, 30 mins: £16
1 dog, 45 mins: £14
2 dogs, 45 mins: £18
1 dog, 1 walk: £16 an hour
2 dogs, 1 walk: £20 an hour


Cat sitting

Home visits are ideal for animals who prefer to remain in the comfort of their own home whilst you are away. Cats in particular are often much happier cared for in their own environment, but pet sitting is also a very good option for dogs who have been re-homed through rescue organisations, those needing some special care and puppies.

Home visits are an excellent alternative to putting your pet into a cattery or kennels, and can even be more cost effective, especially if you have several pets. Your pet is unique, so the service will be built around their and your needs.

Cat sitting prices:

1 cat 30 min visit: £12
1 cat 1 hour visit: £14
2 cats 30 min visit: £14
2 cats 1 hour visit: £16


Puppy Sitting

Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting and adventurous time for any household. It can also be daunting especially for the novice puppy owner, as the care the puppies receive when they are young will also influence their adult personalities.

Home visits are a perfect solution for puppies who have not finished their first vaccinations yet, or who are not quite ready for ‘big dog’ walks.

Puppy sitting prices:

1 puppy 45 min visit: £14
1 puppy 1 hour visit: £16
2 puppies 45 min visit: £18
2 puppies 1 hour visit: £20


House Sitting

When you’re away, your home should feel safe and your pets well-cared for. My house sitting service offers you that peace of mind. Say goodbye to the anxiety of leaving your home unattended.

Sophie will be there to protect and cherish your home and pets around the clock. Your fur babies get to stay in their familiar surroundings, and you get the reassurance of a watchful guardian.

House sitting prices:

Half-day (up to 4 hours): £40
Full-day (up to 8 hours): £80
Overnight stay for up to 2 cats and 2 small animals: £35
Overnight stay for up to 2 dogs (includes two walks a day): £45

Additional pets:

£5 per dog per day
£2 per cat per day
£1 per rabbit per day


the care your pet deserves

Sophie will visit your beloved furry friends as often as you like when you go away. She can: Feed them, clean litter trays, replenish water, wash plates and bowls, walk your dog/s, provide lots of play, love, cuddles and exercise, administer medication, contact your vet for advice or to book appointments if needed, send you daily updates and photos.


Holiday surcharges

Visits and services booked on the following days will incur double charges:

Good Friday
Easter Sunday
Easter Monday
Bank Holidays
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
Boxing Day
New Year’s Eve
New Year’s Day

Visits and services booked between the 20th December to the 3rd January will incur a 20% additional charge on top of the standard rate.


other services


Older dogs and cats, or those recovering from an operation, who may require more gentle or special care may also be more suited to home visits. These can be tailored specifically to their needs.


Sophie’s Pet Care Services can help with visits to the vets, transporting your animals to and from the veterinary clinic for you. We can also transport your pets to other locations for you if needed.


It can be time-consuming or logistically difficult for you to collect your new pet from the breeders. Sophie can collect your pet from the breeder for you, bringing them straight to you and their welcoming new home.

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