Welcome to Sophie’s Pet Care Services

by | Oct 10, 2022 | Cat sitting, Dog sitting, Pet care, Pet services, Pet sitting, Puppy sitting

You can never have too many animals in your life. I am privileged to spend most of my days (and sometimes nights!) sharing quality time with some of the most amazing cats and dogs. I obviously can’t get enough of them either, because I’ve recently welcomed another Ragdoll kitten into my home as a companion for Bellamy – whose photos you can see all over my website! I thought for my first blog it would be a good opportunity to tell you the story of how Sophie’s Pet Care Services started, and what I offer.

Why work with animals?

As a genuine animal lover, being around pets makes me happier. I am an experienced pet sitter and dog walker, so it just seemed like the natural next step to start my own business where I get to do what I love every day.

I know that pets are as much a part of people’s families as the people are, and that it means so much to my customers when they know that their pets are being looked after by someone who really cares for them.  So I started Sophie’s Pet Care Services to help bring owners peace of mind by providing services that focus on your beloved pet’s well-being and happiness while you are away. 

When did it all start?

My pet care journey started back in 2015 when I was living and working in Southeast Asia. I rescued and fostered as many neglected cats and kittens as I could, helping those who were suffering from ill health, had special needs, or came from troubled or abusive backgrounds. I did everything I could to nurse them back to optimal health so that they could go on to live happy lives with the loving families who adopted them.

I came back to the UK in 2017 and started working as a foster carer for Cat’s Protection and as a house and pet sitter for homes and pets in the UK and abroad.  Since then my hobby and passion has grown into a business, and one that gives me so much joy every day.

My promise to you

I know that I’m not your only choice when it comes to a pet sitter and dog walker, which is why I make sure that when my clients choose to work with me they get the best possible service. I commit to being trustworthy and reliable, and I guarantee that while your animals are in my care, I will watch over them as if they were my own.

What I do

What I offer is simply being there for your pets when you can’t, whether you need someone to mind your cat while you go on holiday, or sit with your new puppy while you work, or make sure your dog gets good quality exercise every day. I can also take your pets to and from the vets while you are at work, and (one of my favourite jobs!) I can even collect your new pet from the breeders to save you travelling!

Whatever pet care service you need, get in touch for a chat and see how I can help.